Motherboard circuit

On September 27, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry released a voluntary code of conduct specific to generative AI. This GenAI code follows the proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA), which was introduced as part of Bill C-27 in June 2022 but will not likely be in force until 2025.

Beyond risk mitigation, the Code of Conduct encourages its signatories to promote and build a robust and responsible AI ecosystem in Canada. The code provides a set of identified measures that support upcoming regulation pursuant to AIDA. These measures emphasize developing (including methodology selection, collection and processing of datasets, model building, and testing) and managing the operations (including putting a system into operation, controlling the parameters of its operation, controlling access, and monitoring its operation) of generative AI systems.

Organizations developing and managing the operations of these systems will implement responsible generative AI practices to mitigate adverse impacts associated with advanced generative AI systems.

Read the full update here.